You should listen to “Loose Ends” by Damon Moon And The Whispering Drifters

hey everyone,

We are proud to announce that “Loose Ends” from Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters upcoming album “Lungs, Dirt & Dreams” is now available.

“Lungs, Dirt & Dreams” will be released on Tuesday, February 21st.

“There’s something dark and eerie about the opening tracks of Damon Moon’s new LP, Lungs, Dirt & Dreams. The title track flirts with dreamy guitars, but not in the sense of the pleasant atmospheric; rather they echo through the darkness, seemingly coming from every direction. And then there’s Moon’s soft vocals somewhere between a mystery and a (surprise, surprise) whisper.

This continues throughout Lungs, Dirt & Dreams.

In a way, the album is a bit conceptual. Songs blend into each other, many of varying length from less than a minute to just over seven. They, too, range from borderline folky (“The Fool” and “Gild The Lily”) to wild with epic noisy shoegaze (“Restless Roads End”).

But there is more. The sounds are all great, but dive into the metaphysical nature of what Damon Moon has put into his lyrics and you’ll be transported to a different plane of existence. It took a while for that realization to strike, but it was the instrumental “Robert Pirsig’s Blues” that did it (the title). Pirsig, of course, being the author of the brilliant Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Within Lungs, Dirt & Dreams are twelve songs that aren’t entirely songs, rather experiences frozen in time that blend together like faded memories into that which makes up the life of a man. It’s a miraculous thing, what Damon Moon and The Whispering Drifters have created. Plush with experimentation, ripe with emotion, and filled with all the angst, love, heartbreak and hopelessness we all experience from day to day.” – Fensepost

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