Wowser Bowser’s debut album is being released today!

Hey everyone,

We are PROUD to announce that Wowser Bowser’s debut self titled album is being released today!

“If you’re one of the many in this town who have become disenchanted with music choked by irony and self-aware detachment, Wowser Bowser are here to help you. The foursome’s unique blend of dreamy, psychedelic rock and emphatically upbeat synthpop is steeped in wonder and enchantment and their self-titled debut—out today via Adair Park Recordings—snaps with youthful vigor. It’s a surprisingly diverse and dense recording, one that provides a litany of layers and electronic headphone candy to help flesh out the group’s joyously unrestrained songs. But most importantly, it’s music that demands you uncross your arms, and dares you to stand still. The band’s live shows—part dance party, part balloon-strewn carnival—are as much an event as they are a performance, and local audiences have responded with a wide-eyed enthusiasm that is both rare and refreshing.” – Latest Disgrace

“Wowser Bowser traffics in fun. There’s a high level of craftmanship in everything they do, but the end result is a distilled shot of dance-pop bliss. It’s not something that should really be overanalyzed.” – Little Advances

“Atlanta’s Wowser Bowser sound kind of like a cross between Throw Me The Statue and the Shout Out Louds to me, which is good because I love both of those bands, and I really dig the synth-infused vibe this southern quartet have going on. “E Dialeda Ho” begins with a buzz and beat that would fit on any club track, and then we get some twinkling keyboards. Add the vocals of lead singer George Pettis — meandering from softspoken to joyously loud sing-along style — and you’ve got a beautifully melodic, beat-driven track that holds up under the weight of repeated listens.” – The Wounded Jukebox


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