Here is “E Dialeda Ho” by Wowser Bowser!

Hey everyone,

Adair Park is proud to release “E Dialeda Ho” for your listening pleasure!

Wowser Bowser – E Dialeda Ho by Adair Park Recordings

“Atlanta’s Wowser Bowser sound kind of like a cross between Throw Me The Statue and the Shout Out Louds to me, which is good because I love both of those bands, and I really dig the synth-infused vibe this southern quartet have going on. “E Dialeda Ho” begins with a buzz and beat that would fit on any club track, and then we get some twinkling keyboards. Add the vocals of lead singer George Pettis — meandering from softspoken to joyously loud sing-along style — and you’ve got a beautifully melodic, beat-driven track that holds up under the weight of repeated listens.” – The Wounded Jukebox

“First time I heard the name Wowser Bowser I couldn’t help thinking that this had to be a novelty act. But it’s not. Actually Woswer Bowser writes some pretty good pop songs; despite the horrible band name! Someone somewhere (cannot recall where) compared them to Shout Out Louds. Which actually is a pretty good (that’s lots of actually and pretty good’s) comparison! Check them out!” – Hits In The Car

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